Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just started The Actor and the Housewife...

and I love Love LOVE it!

Truly, Shannon Hale can do no wrong. I don't want to jinx the gal, but I don't think she's capable of writing a bad book. It's just not possible. She has such a talent with words, with character development, and creating a world you can just slip in on and observe. The Actor and the Housewife is the story of Becky, Utah mom of four, and the instant but bizarre friendship she develops with Felix Callahan, mid-thirties Hollywood star.

I'm only on page 97 so far, but I wanted to share some wonderfully written passages that made me giggle with delight. :)
The bar. The air around the dangling lights was thick with cigarette smoke, as if the area were in the process of creating its own atmosphere. It was 1996--if this had taken place just two years later, smoking would have been banned in California bars and there would be no issue. Even from a distance, the odor was making Becky woozy. Strong smells and pregnancy were about as pleasant a combination as rotten seafood and roller coasters. Then her gaze fell to the bar stools--faux art deco contraptions with tiny round seats and three stainless steel legs that looked fit for holding, say, a potted geranium, but certainly not a pregnant woman. (13)

"I think this calls for a pinky pledge." She hooked her pinky around his. "I, Becky Jack, agree to be Felix Callahan's pal, even though he's way overrated as an actor and screen hunk and can be such a brat."

Felix cleared his throat. "I, world-famous and fabulously wealthy Felix Paul Callahan, agree to be mates with Becky, even though she wears grandmother shoes and insists on popping out children with reckless abandon and shows no remorse for her vicious right hook."

"That was very nice. I almost shed a tear." (57)

Felix was in the other room. She felt a little patter of excitement like she did whenever Mike first set up the Christmas tree. Yeah, Mike clearly wasn't in on the whole patter-of-excitement part. But it was good for him, she thought, as she ran the spatula under the faucet, sending suds bubbling down the drain. It was good for a man to be reminded that his wife was interesting to other people. Last night she'd worn her deliciously satin pajamas to bed and he hadn't so much as touched her knee. (85-6)

Well, I'd like to get back to reading now. I think I may have to actually buy this one so I can re-read chapters whenever I'm feeling the need for something for myself and not work or school. I love finally having something for me!


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