2010 Challenges

Click the images to see my book-by-book progress and for info about the challenges. 

Completed and with great fun! I didn't list all the books I read, but I did post them on my GoodReads.

Though I didn't meet my personal goal, I did meet the challenge's goal. I suppose I was a little overzealous in this one. Will join again in 2011 and set a milder goal for myself. :) 

  Reached my goal on this one too - woohoo!

Okay, this was a no-brainer. Once I got past 100 books, I stopped keeping track. I'd say 99.8% of my reading comes from the public library or my own school library, so this was an easy accomplishment. Still haven't bought an e-reader, and I only buy books I've already read and loved. Library wins.

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