Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Korgi (Book 1): Sprouting Wings! by Christian Slade

KorgiKorgi (Book 1): Sprouting Wings! by Christian Slade
published May 2007 by Top Shelf Productions
84 pages (paperback), all ages

I fancy wordless graphic novels. This one does not disappoint. The adorable korgi pup on the cover sitting next to a waifish girl in the forest at sunset was enough for me to pick this slim volume up. By way of an introductory note from Wart, "Scrollkeeper and Historian of Korgi Hollow," we find ourselves in a magical world where the special Korgis live peacefully and collaboratively with the Mollies, the woodfolk. Ivy is the cover girl and Sprout is her Korgi cub - the two characters we follow in their adventures exploring the wood.

Although I liked this book, I wanted to like it more. Or perhaps I just wanted more of it. Sprout sets off chasing something like a dragonfly and Ivy runs after him. They come to a cliff where a disturbing picture is etched into the overhang, then fall through the earth to a dwelling of monsters, where Sprout exhibits some of his magical powers. The two friends escape, but more adventure ensues. The illustrations are pencil-drawn, in a sketcher's style, with lots of lines but not so much cross-hatching. The effect is soft and lovely. Though, I was sad to reach the end! It's a quick read, and I wonder if it would have pleased me better to have the second volume attached to this one or to maybe expand on some of the existing scenes.

The inside flap suggests this book for Tolkien fans, readers of Bone by Jeff Smith and Andy Runton's Owly enthusiasts. I definitely agree. Now I just need to pick up the second volume from the library!

Oh, and I read this for the Animals in Comics February Mini-Challenge at Stuff As Dreams Are Made On...  And I couldn't resist using this custom button. :)



millymarie said...

I don't think I've ever heard of 'wordless graphic novels' or seen them I guess. Interesting.

lol I love that picture.

NatalieSap said...

Oh, they're some of my favorites! The Arrival by Shaun Tan and Robot Dreams by Sara Varon especially. :)

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