Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2011 Page to Screen Reading Challenge

Last night, I had the brilliant idea to start my own book club in town because I don't currently have one (nor have I ever), and that just seems ridiculous since hello, I'm a reader. So, I decided that the theme had to be universally loved, and BAM! books to movies came to mind - who doesn't love going to the movies? I do this anyway. I don't generally see a movie in the theatre unless I've read the book first. This is my idea. It's so original, right?

Okay, maybe not. A quick search on A Novel Challenge showed me a few others who may have had this same idea. Thus, I'm now joining the 2011 Page to Screen Reading Challenge hosted by Reading Extensively because even if I don't get my in-real-life book club going, at least I'll have some pals to read with online.

This challenge is fairly simple. Read at least five books-to-movies. I like it.

Here's what's on my to-read and to-watch list so far:
I Am Number Four, movie released February 18, 2011

Update: YES, I read this! But I still haven't seen the movie...

Beastly (re-read), movie released March 4, 2011

Update: No, I didn't re-read it. But I did just see the movie! And I really liked it, even though it strayed from the book a bit. 

Jane Eyre (re-read), movie released March 11, 2011

Update: Haven't re-read or seen it. Maybe over the summer...
Atlas Shrugged, movie released April 15, 2011

Update: Did this movie even come out? No, I didn't read it or see it. Yeesh...
Water for Elephants, movie released April 22, 2011

Update: Yes, I read it! I actually read this one in Italy and was going to see the movie in Italian... except that the theatre was closed for the summer. Hmmph! So no, I haven't seen it yet. 

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (re-read), movie released July 15, 2011

Update: No, I didn't re-read it. Though I really should have because I saw the movie and was less than impressed. Am I the only one who is glad that it's over?

The Help (re-read), movie released August 12, 2011

Update: Didn't re-read it and still haven't seen it. I guess I watch less movies than I thought! 

The Invention of Hugo Cabret, movie released November 23, 2011

Update: I'm currently reading this one and hope to see the movie this month. 



Peaceful Reader said...

The last six movies on your list are ones I am really looking forward to seeing, especially The Help and Water for Elephants!

Jan von Harz said...

I am so excited about the release of Beastly as I just adore the book and for once I think the movie may just be as good (fingers crossed). I have not read I Am Number Four yet and still am not entirely sure I want to, but I will be interested in how you like it.

The only problem with me signing up for this challenge is the fact that I rarely go to the movies, preferring to wait and watch them at home. Good luck though with the challenge you have picked some awesome titles.

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